Email with the below information to Pre-Register:
  • a copy of driver’s license
  • a copy of health insurance card
  • State reason for your visit
  • a mobile number where we can contact you
Then call the office once you are in the parking lot to let us know:
  • You have arrived.
  • You have emailed your Pre-Registration information.

IGG Antibody Titers

  • Every test has the possibility of a false positive and false negative.
  • A positive antibody titer implies you have had a previous infection with a coronavirus, likely but not limited to Covid-19.
  • A positive antibody titer does NOT necessarily mean that you are immune from getting Covid-19 again or that you cannot infect other people. We do not know the answer to these questions yet.
  • A negative antibody titer implies that you have not yet developed antibodies to Covid-19/Corona subtypes. This implies that either you have not been infected, your infection may have been to mild, or your immune system did not respond to the infection. Either way you are at risk for the infection.