Dear Friends & Neighbors,

We hope you and your family are safe and well during this unprecedented health emergency. Our staff of dedicated doctors and staff are committed to be here for you as we have done over the last 15 years. During this exceptionally trying time, in order to provide safe and effective access to medical care and vital testing, we have implemented nationally recommended methodologies to keep our communities safe.

First and foremost, prevention continues to be key. We all must adhere to Universal Precautions. It saddens me to say but presume that anyone you encounter socially could be a viral carrier. Try to maintain a minimum 6 feet distance between people and avoid closed spaces with others. Social distancing is critical to avoid infecting large members of our community. If you do not have to go out please do not. Use delivery services as and when possible. Even though the virus has adversely affected the elderly, many younger patients have also become very ill. Our local hospitals are seeing greater and greater numbers. Our ability to change our daily routines to severely limit our face to face interaction with others, as painful as it may be, is critical to minimize the disaster that is now upon us.

Frequent hand washing and avoiding touching your face is crucial. The virus can survive for days on certain surfaces so leave outside cardboard deliveries untouched for at least 24 hours; longer the better. The good news is that if artificial surfaces are cleaned with CDC recommended disinfectants, it is an effective methodology. Again, wash your hands for at least 20 second with soap and water anytime you do.

We continue to stand with you in this time of need. As you limit trips outside your home to only essential movements, we have instituted protocols as described below to make sure we are responsive to your needs and safety.

At this time, we encourage you to call the office for a telephone visit with our doctors or online video. In circumstances when your physical presence is necessary, the doctor will instruct you to utilize our in-car consultation service where under the guidance of our Physician, we will direct your care and obtain any testing that may be indicated. Additional tests may require you to enter the facility in a protective mask, through a special access point to a special isolated room. We continue to utilize the most accurate and efficient COVID test options available in the market. Caveat emptor, please be cautious of non-FDA approved testing kits on the market that promise results within minutes. Also Be assured, we have taken precautions such that patients seeking care for other non respiratory issues are protected from any cross exposure. Our rooms have been equipped with HEPA and UV filters for your protection.

Public health measures continue to discourage seeking non emergent routine care in the hospital ER to avoid exposing you and your family to an already overwhelmed system unless necessary. Isolation at home under the guidance of a physician is an option that can be considered after an evaluation by a clinical professional.

We take the safety and well being of all of you, our friends, family, and neighbors in this community at heart. We will get through this together. We are here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out.


IGG Antibody Titers

  • Every test has the possibility of a false positive and false negative.
  • A positive antibody titer implies you have had a previous infection with a coronavirus, likely but not limited to Covid-19.
  • A positive antibody titer does NOT necessarily mean that you are immune from getting Covid-19 again or that you cannot infect other people. We do not know the answer to these questions yet.
  • A negative antibody titer implies that you have not yet developed antibodies to Covid-19/Corona subtypes. This implies that either you have not been infected, your infection may have been to mild, or your immune system did not respond to the infection. Either way you are at risk for the infection.


Frontline Worker

We give priority to our frontline workers when they need to see our doctor. We get them healthy to be able to help others.

We can expediate your wait.  Let our staff know at registration if you work in one of the services below;

  • Health care
  • Police department
  • Fire department


A Call for your Help

Our staff continues to work since this crisis started tirelessly. They have selflessly responded to the call to be the frontline for our patients at the risk of their own health and safety. They do so because of their commitment to our community. We ask for your help to protect them in this fight. We are in desperate need of any unused and new protective equipment that you can donate: Masks, Gowns, Gloves, Shields. Help protect the Health Care Staff so they can be there for all of us in our time of need. Call us to arrange for a non-contact curb-curb side drop-off.


Road to Wellness

We understand that staying sane during these difficult times can be challenging. Here are some tips to reduce stress and stay mentally well.

  • Try meditation and deep breathing exercises. There are free apps on the app store that can assist with this
  • A short morning walk can help to clear the mind. Remember to keep your distance from others.
  • Read a book


Volunteer to Save a Life

One of the ways a critically sick patient who is infected by the COVID virus can be treated is from antibodies obtained from some one who has already recovered for the virus. Now is the time to add your name to the Registry to give blood if needed. You could save a life. You will need to meet other donation criteria. If you have tested and documented COVID 19 positive and wish to be on a standby Registry please Submit your name to with your name, age, blood type (if known) and cell#. By Doing so you give us permission to forward your information to local hospitals and care providers to help the sickest fight to survive.

United We Shall Overcome

Join the Fight

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