Supporting each other

A generous face shields donation from Dr. Joshi.

Thank you for helping us to help our patients.

Floral Park thanks StatMD for gifting AED.

Our Lady Of Victory School OLV Golf Fundraiser

StatMD supports our local schools to help them fund our young students of our future.

StatMD supports our Chamber of Commerce

  • Bellrose
  • Elmont
  • Floral Park
  • Garden City
  • Mineola
  • New Hyde Park
  • Williston Park

StatMD appreciation letter


StatMD has a partnership with the Sponsor A Highway® Program.

  • Collaboratively, roadway will be cleaned, and of pounds of litter will be reduced, reused, and recycled into tons of collected waste.
  • StatMD will continue to enhance its Corporate Social Responsibility making you a major leader in environmental awareness throughout the community in which our community work and live.
  • StatMD will inspire other businesses and individuals to take on environmental initiatives to help.

A Generous Face Shields Donation

Thank you Ultra Mobile, Jennifer Chin and Victor Molina.  You warm our hearts.